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How to Rotate Text With CSS

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Building Applications with Solr and Ext JS 4 – No Database Necessary!

Developing rich, cloud ready, data intensive web applications is getting easier by the day. With Apache’s Solr you can easily develop dynamic applications that do not require a database.

In the following example we will show how you can easily and quickly read and write to Solr from a web application developed using the Ext JS 4 library.


  • Java – JDK 1.6 – [ Download ]
  • Apache’s Solr – [ Download ]
  • Glassfish Application Server – [ Download ]
  • Example schema for this exercise – [ Download ]
  • solr_zen.war – example Web App (including Ext JS4 libraries) – [ Download ]

Setting Up the Environment

  • Install the full JDK 1.6
  • Download Solr and extract to an appropriate directory (for example /apps/solr )
  • Download and install the GlassFish Application Server, accepting all defaults
  • Move both the solr.war (from the Solr download archive) and solr_zen.war to the following location in your GlassFish server: GLASSFISH_INSTALL_DIR/glassfish/domains/domain1/autodeploy
  • Point your web browser to: http://localhost:4848/ to view the GlassFish Admin console.
  • Click “server (Admin Server) > Properties tab > Add Property
  • For “Instance Variable Name” enter: solr.data.dir
  • For “Current Value” enter: PATH_TO_ WHERE _ SOLR_ARCHIVE_EXTRACTION/apache-solr-3.4.0/example/solr/data
  • Again click “Add Property”
  • For “Instance Variable Name” enter: solr.solr.home
  • For “Current Value” enter: PATH_TO_ WHERE _ SOLR_ARCHIVE_EXTRACTION/apache-solr-3.4.0/example/solr
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Single Sign On

Using Oracle Single Sign On you can replace your existing SiteMinder or Application Management Authentication System.  Once Oracle SSO is in place you can use it to integrate with other Authentication Systems.

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Use a Portal to Piece Together your application

If you use a portal to aggregate your application together using web services then can easily deliver features incrementally.   Why not have software solution that grows and changes as you business changes?

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JSR168 Development For Oracle

We do lots of development using the Oracle Java Provider Development Kit (JPDK) and we find that it eases development time.   We have a library that provides a layer between your implementations and the Developer Kit.  You can use the SimpleEditor to create database Create Update and Delete Forms (CrUD).

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We’ll help you get on the same page!

At PortalTown, we are experts in providing Oracle Portal consulting, portal development, implementation and training to corporations. We will assist you in integrating your existing systems to maximize your company’s efficiency and provide a framework to grow as technology advances. We will work closely with you to define the requirements necessary to meet your organizational objectives.
Our services are in strict accordance with Portal Standards and allows for a robust implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

  • Integrate systems that are constantly changing & updating
  • Reduce number of logins to multiple systems
  • Allow authorized personnel to update company web site information
  • Maximize your companys workflow & communication
  • Minimize administrative overhead
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